2017 in Review

Over the years, things just start to blur together—that why I started compiling these yearly recaps to reference later.  2017 has been a big year—juggling family, romance, responsibility, friendship, and creativity—and trying to nurture each. Here's a log of all that's happened this year.

Highlights of 2017

  • Hosted a solo art show at CAM in Belltown featuring 5 linocuts on washi paper, with handmade walnut frames. 
  • Met this guy on a kickball team and went geoduck fishing on our first date 
  • bought a house in West Seattle 
  • replaced a roof
  • learned a lot about heating, ventilation, and *plumbing*
  • took a trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island
  • started attending Non-Violent Communication sessions with friends 
  • accepted a temporary position on the Merchandising team at Starbucks.


Favorite Reads

Favorite Albums

Looking into 2018—there are two main themes I want to focus on for myself as well as a list of tactical things I would like to complete throughout the year. 

Spinal Health: strengthening the muscles along my spine so that when I have moments of stress it doesn't result in pinched nerves or sicknesses. 
True Time: Be able to manage my time better so that I am not rushing from place to place. A big part of this also entails not over serving myself in activities in a weekend day, and recognizing the true time allotment for a task. Also, building in time to kick back, relax, and be content sitting at home with a book.

  • start an herb garden
  • design a textile for the window bench
  • design and sew a quilt
  • travel abroad! 
  • set up a basement art studio (paint, shelving, file cabinet, flat file system)

2016 in Review

Apologies for filling up a piece of the internet with my own exercise in self-reflection. This medium has proved to be a very accessible format for me to reference, and if others want to read it you are welcome to. 

2016 has been a year of big changes—good and bad. Internally, I have been attempting to recognize the network of amazing and supportive friends, family, and creatives I have cultivated for myself over the years—to see how full my cup truly is and be present with that fullness. In the larger picture, Donald Trump was voted as president elect of the United States that resulted in a wave of protest and unease in his wake. I am not going to get into all that cause I could easily fill a journal with words and feelings and visions of a post-democratic mess. So instead, here is a quick breakdown of my favorite things about this year. 

Favorite Reads

Favorite Albums

Personal Highlights of 2016: 


The holidays were so busy that I really haven't had a chance to look forward to what's in store in 2017. But I am starting to think more about what I want to work on this year. So far I have two goals/intentions for this year. I want to take an intro ballet dance class. And secondly, I would like to practice talking slower and more intentionally. Life is moving too quickly and there is so much to discuss that I suspect I've developed the ability to talk someone's arm off! This year I'd like to speak less, say more


2015 in Review

Getting on this a bit late in the game, but I felt it was important to do a recap of each year going forward. Life moves so fast. I want to be better about recognizing it's blessings. Overall, 2015 was a year of growth and transition. I formed and strengthened a lot of friendships, became a more organized and clean adult, and learned to be more patience with myself.  

Favorite Albums: 
Alabama Shakes, Sound & Color
Tame Impala, Currents
Tacocat: NVM
D'Angelo, Black Messiah

Favorite Books:
The First Bad Man
The Wreck of the Whaleship Essex
Boys on the Boat


Most notably, back in March I took a two-week long road trip with my cousin Hallie down to the Southwest. I'd been daydreaming about exploring that part of the country for years and I am happy that I finally brought that dream to action. The trip was flawlessly amazing. There is so much to see and explore down there, I could take 3 more similar trips to see things we passed up. I look back on the video I made of our trip and my heart glows.

2016 Goals

Be present.
Let go of the control I attempt to have on my future and let things happen more naturally.

"Have courage, take risks, go now, why not, who cares, yes yes yes!" - Amy Poehler 
  • Surf trip in the Canary Islands
  • buy a new car
  • have a solo art show at a coffee shop
  • learn a new design skill: animation
  • practice meditation
  • spend less time on social media 
  • stop taking myself so seriously