Chloe Hope Gilstrap

Last month I was fortunate enough to meet up with a talented photographer friend, Chloe Gilstrap. Chloe recently moved to Seattle from South Carolina where she studied photography. We met through a mutual friend here in town and I have been creeping on her photography ever since. We met up for coffee at Porchlight and walked around Capitol Hill talking and shooting pictures. She is a wonderful person and here are some of the lovely photos from our afternoon. 

On My Bookshelf: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog

I like the idea of turning a design exercise into a mini publication. In this book, Roberto Beretta makes a photographic alphabet out of his surroundings in London. It's as much about photography as it is about typography. My favorites are the J and the Z. Funny thing about this is creating a photographic alphabet was my very first graphic design assignment in undergrad. I wonder if my professors found this book and it inspired the idea for the assignment… 

Another thing that's interesting is that the content streams from cover to cover. The artist statement and colophon are in the center of the book. The almost pocket-sized covers are backed in a thick paperboard which makes it wonderful to hold and interact with. 

Roberto Beretta

Northern Cascades

Some photos of the trail leading up to the Big Four Ice Caves in the Mount Baker National Forrest. The trail offers a lot of interesting nature scenes from quiet wetlands to fern covered forests to dramatic rock faces. One of my favorite hikes in Washington to take friends and visitors. 

Ice Caves