On My Bookshelf: Supplementary Italian Dictionary

I have a collection (or hoard) of artbooks that I've been wanting to share more broadly, so here's the first installation of "On My Bookshelf". The artbooks that I purchased while studying abroad in Italy are some of my most prized possessions. If my house was on fire, I would most certainly grab these on my way out the door! And if there is one artist and designer that dominates the field of artbooks, at least in my opinion, it is Bruno Munari (1907-1998). I was able to purchase several of his books abroad and I wish I could go back for more! 

In this book, Munari has made a catalogue of all the famous Italian gestures and spelled out what they all mean for us foreigners. Some are more familiar than others. I love the photography in these, he makes a point to show the gestures with men, women and children. It's also interesting to me to think about these gestures in a historical lens, e.g. the Romans.