Trip Log: Texas Part Deux

For the second part of my spring Texas trip,  I met up with my mom and our family friends. Together we drove over to Round Top, Texas to explore the sprawling antique fairs on the rural farmlands there. We spent two days roaming the fields in search of treasures from the past. We started our hunting at Marbuger Farms. But Round Top is the créme de la créme of what they call "primitive american antiques". Surrounding all these major antique shows is a metropolis of other dealers sprawling out into the fields and along the roads. 

What's interesting to me about these shows is how a seemingly random object can create a reputation around itself based on its rarity or collectibility. Such as these pear shaped tea caddies from the Georgian era which apparently sell very high. My mom and I were fixated on this primitive barn lamp that had an interesting feature to light the candle within. The dealer saw us marveling and agreed "I've sold lots of barn lanterns, but none like THIS!" can get a little wrapped up in things while you're there. Before you know it, you're walking off pleased at having just bought an oversized llama throne for $900… sheesh. 

At night we put up our aching feet at an old farmhouse outside the fairgrounds. The house on the property was from the 1880's. Black angus cattle roamed around the ranch and bull frogs croaked at night under the live oaks. Hoping this turns into an annual thing.