2017 in Review

Over the years, things just start to blur together—that why I started compiling these yearly recaps to reference later.  2017 has been a big year—juggling family, romance, responsibility, friendship, and creativity—and trying to nurture each. Here's a log of all that's happened this year.

Highlights of 2017

  • Hosted a solo art show at CAM in Belltown featuring 5 linocuts on washi paper, with handmade walnut frames. 
  • Met this guy on a kickball team and went geoduck fishing on our first date 
  • bought a house in West Seattle 
  • replaced a roof
  • learned a lot about heating, ventilation, and *plumbing*
  • took a trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island
  • started attending Non-Violent Communication sessions with friends 
  • accepted a temporary position on the Merchandising team at Starbucks.


Favorite Reads

Favorite Albums

Looking into 2018—there are two main themes I want to focus on for myself as well as a list of tactical things I would like to complete throughout the year. 

Spinal Health: strengthening the muscles along my spine so that when I have moments of stress it doesn't result in pinched nerves or sicknesses. 
True Time: Be able to manage my time better so that I am not rushing from place to place. A big part of this also entails not over serving myself in activities in a weekend day, and recognizing the true time allotment for a task. Also, building in time to kick back, relax, and be content sitting at home with a book.

  • start an herb garden
  • design a textile for the window bench
  • design and sew a quilt
  • travel abroad! 
  • set up a basement art studio (paint, shelving, file cabinet, flat file system)