Winter's Transformation

I get asked a lot about the rain in Seattle. And I gotta tell you, it lives up to the hype. It’s less about the rain and more about the darkness, that is the trouble for a Seattlite. During the winter months the sun sets as early as 3:00—that is, if you could see the sunset. During the daylight hours the sun is often covered by a low and dense layer of grey clouds that diffuse the sun into a soft white light. It can feel stifling, day after day, to live life under this grey blanket. And it can start to chip away at your mood. If you’re not mindful of eating healthy and exercising, you can easily slip into a sleepy, cheese-curd-induced winter coma (*ehem). 


Despite everyone’s struggle with winter, I think it’s one of the most important times of the year because it gives us a chance to slow down and look inward. 

For me, winter is always a transformative time. I am never the same person as I was going into winter.  It’s like gardening—occasionally you need to prune a plant in order to make room for more blossoms. It’s uncomfortable, but it's a healthy process to go through annually— like a spring cleaning for your mind! I think of winter as a time for pruning away all the negative aspects in my life to make way for fresh experiences and connections in spring. 

Mornings in Seattle